Value Proposal

To keep it simple means...

To organize warehouses and make their processes simple and effective.

Service Level   »    Human Resources productivity    »    Effective and simple processes mean MONEY!

Flujo de efectivo

1. Rise Service level from 80 to 90%
A 2 million USD annual increase.

2. Inventory Reliability to 99%
Which means more service level to all of our customers.

3. Real Time Information (Company with several POS).

  • Consolidate Purchases so company can negotiate volume, 0.7 million dollars during first year.
  • Value information to decision makers in the company: Sales, Purchasing, Owners.

4. Rotation in products/ Expiration Date (so the product doesn’t get damaged in your Warehouse).
In a company that has a 40 million invoicing, if the 1% is damaged, it means a loss of 400,000 USD.

5. Expiration date
Maintains a strict rotation in foods, drinks, pharmaceuticals, etc.

6. Human resources productivity
Users are directed via Mobile devices, no paperwork, avoiding errors, confusion, and time saving in the Operation. Usually a warehouse can be operated by 20% less people or increases productivity in the same percentage. Numbers showed us $40,000 USD savings a year.


WMS Brochure

brochure wmsRead our informative brochure of WMS andlogistics.

THE BEST is that no one is running for the operation, managerial & director positions can focus on how to grow business -new alternatives-.

Edgar Macías

Director of andlogistics

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