1. Radiofrequency Main Menu

General Operations Menu. Contains activities of physical materials handling, such as physical counting of goods at receipt, chaotic locations assignment, directed picking, physical truck load, picking replenishment, inventories, etc.

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2. Cyclical inventory process

In radio frequency terminal and through bars code.

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3. Physical Counting of Goods

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4. Auto-location Mapping

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5. Picking Replenishment

Based on strategic planning (We replenish what has priority demand).

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6. Picking Replenishment for Fixed Locations

It splits into pieces, boxes and platforms (according to the work equipment). Supplied by platform or by order.

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  • 02-surtido_anden
  • 03-surtido_doc


7. Truck Load

To validate that the physical choice or the whole mixed goods are loaded in the unit that will take goods to customer.

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