1. Inventory - Physic and Cycle Counting Module

This module is in which the warehouse’s inventory starts, monitors and closes, and it’s controlled by andlogistics.

  • 01-inicio_inventario_ciclico
  • 02-cierre_inventario_ciclico
  • 03-selecc_bodega_tipoingreso
  • 04-cancela_docs_ingreso


2. Receipt Module on a PC

The receipt module in PC, performs the theoretical reception of goods (generates bar codes with descriptions known by the operative user) based on the supplier’s invoice. It is here where the traceability and assurance of inventory rotation begins.

  • 01-recepcion_partida


3. Adjustments Module

This module allows making real time adjustments, either by differences on the theoretical inventory or on the real inventory.

  • 01-ajustes


4. Quality control Module

This module allows changing the Quality condition from Available to not Available into its different classifications: damaged, waste, quarantine, etc.

  • 01-control_calidad


5. Resupply Module

This module allows generating focused replenishment tasks to satisfy the demand of the moment at the Distribution Center.

  • 01-tareas_reabastecimiento


6. The Shipping Arming Module

This module allows you to give traceability to transport units, drivers, etc. that will deliver orders to final customers. It also gathers orders for a specific delivery route.

  • 01-armado_embrke_selec_doc_salid
  • 02-cierre_embarque


7. Allocation Stocks Module

This module allows setting aside the product for specific purchase orders and/or customers, in such a way that the picking is done in an accurate way, according to Organization’s strategy.

  • 01-asignacion_existencias


8. Several Reports

The system has more than 100 reports focused on Personnel productivity and inventories.

  • 01-monitoreo_cons_docs_ingre_pro_bod
  • 02-monitoreo_docs_ingresoXbodega
  • 03-monitoreo_cons_embrks_bod
  • 04-product_cons_usua_recibXbodega
  • 05-reporte_cons_inventXbodega
  • 06-reporte_invent_consum_gXbodega



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