Income factor, Picking factor

The income factor in a warehouse, serves to facilitate the counting of goods in the Distribution…

Simple or Automatic Putaway

The location of the product at the warehouse having installed a WMS cutting system represents a…


What is it more convenient? There are different Picking processes – orders supply -

Counting Units

The descriptive count units in the radio frequency terminals are useful for the operative users to…

Pre-verification and Verification Process

These processes are segmented based on a simple premise.

Standardizing boxes counting

Sometimes it is a need for the company to handle its inventory in pieces...  

Labeled by Levels

“Labeling by levels” depends on the required pieces, boxes or pallets control, with hardware like portable…

Putaway in an Inventory Control System

The product is identified with Bar code looking to differentiate similar Products on similar boxes and…

How much money do I lose or win on having installed a WMS system?

1. The technology’s investment must be supported by a cost-benefit analysis in a scientific or empirical…

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