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We are the creators of andlogistics and together we will help you grow the productivity and cash flow of your wharehouse by using effective and simple processes.

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We improve your...

nivel servicio

Service level

in your warehouse, which will take you to increase your annual invoicing.


of the human resources , to do more with the same operational staff.
simple flujo efectivo

Cash Flow

To make it simple means money in many aspects of the Chain of Supply in the Distribution Center.


How do we do it?

Latest technology - Smart Routes





1. Assigning barcode

With WMS andlogistics technology, a label is printed with a bar code for a product, a box and / or a pallet.






pez código de barras


2. Strategic location in your warehouse

When labeling, andlogistics WMS system determines the strategic place where the product will be located.








3. Location and assortment

Thanks to our WMS, and with the help of the bar code and radio frequency, the product is supplied and located quickly through smart routes within the warehouse, saving time and having increased productivity in human resources; thus, it is stocked in time to the customer.




Our Products




Software to organize warehouses by simple and effective processes through the use of barcodes and RF.



Valuable information of our manuals, knowledge base and support center.



Software for a wise control of the routes of your products.



Software for a wise control of perishable products.



Share information with our suppliers, customers, directors and ourselves.




Did you know ...


Did you know?

You can eliminate confusion.

The Bar Code eliminates the confusion of users to supply boxes that have different languages from some other countries (China, Japan, and USA).


sabias que elimina confusiones

How can we help you?

We turn your warehouse into a Distribution Center.

  • 99% or more in order fulfillment
  • Meeting the logistical requirements of your customer self-service or department store
  • Precise fulfillment in your delivery quotes
  • Assortment to efficiently counter
  • Reliability of the inventory 99% or greater
  • Increased cash flow due to the reliability of inventory
  • Real-time information



We analyze
We build
We implement
We launch




Nobody has our Know How

We have 3 types of schemes.  We will contact you (even for just testing software).



Remote Consulting: We help you to set up the andlogistics application and offer a basic training to implement the application “almost” in an independent way. The interface to our system works in a standard way.


Independent Customer: Our andlogistics application is very easy to use and configure, that it is enough to start the application to understand its functioning



Solution key in hand: We work with you from the beginning of the project up to the end, from the Interface to the system ERP, Wiring, Hardware (Radiofrequency terminals, Printers of Code Bars), Server and BD applications configuration, Training and GOLIVE.


If you just want to perform tests of the system please contact us and we'll tell you how we can initiate them.



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